Parma - The Pressure Sensitive Mixtape

My man Parma just released a brand new mix you have to check out, give it a play and let it run all the way through because before you even know it, it’ll be over and you’ll be wanting to listen to it all over again.

Muriel - Crazy x Be Happy

Continuing with the trend of featured artists I introduce you to Muriel Macdonald, from the DMV area.  Muriel will sooth you with her folk style and lift you with her lovely piano playing and singing.  A talented artist with a project in the works we are definitely excited to hear what is to come.  For now I have two of my favorites for you. Here is Muriel’s Facebook.

Crazy by Muriel Music

DOWNLOAD: Muriel - Be Happy 

Atlas - Shotgun (Music Video)

Lately music has been terrible.  This is just my opinion but nothing new or good has been released lately (beside Childish Gambino’s album Camp which you should buy) so I’m continuing the trend of featuring local artists working hard to make a name for themselves.  Today I bring you Atlas, a band out of the DMV area made up of current GMU students. These guys cover a range of genres from rock and reggae to alternative, and with love from the hip hop heads I see these guys building momentum very quickly.  The video is a great start and incredibly well done.  I’m not even going to start to give anything away, just watch it and enjoy, and remember to check them out on Facebook and support their music on itunes.

LoVel James - Angel (Music Video)

Turns out finals week is the perfect time for me to get back on here.  I’ve decided to abandon my recap mix’s because lets face facts it’s no longer summer and fall is as close to over at it can be.  With that said I bring you my good friend LoVel James latest music video. sit back and enjoy the soulful sound of the Harlem artists latest work.


Doritos Super Bowl Commercial
Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” Commericial directed by Doug Nelson featuring my two boys Sam Terhune (left) and Sam Nelson (right).
Check it out here:


Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” Commericial directed by Doug Nelson featuring my two boys Sam Terhune (left) and Sam Nelson (right).

Check it out here:

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BSS Vol. 2: Green Trees, Boat Shoes and a Cool Breeze

We’ve teamed up with one of our sister sites Boat Shoe Season (BSS) to put together this awesome mixtape, and the second in the series (check out the first mixtape here) that features all the newest and best music from the past month. Enjoy, support the site and hit up the Tracklist and Download after the jump!

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Fiasko - Green Feeling

We got word from Fiasko that he’s putting together an album to release this spring/early summer.  With this mix, we again get another smooth track that flows seamlessly from verse to verse as Fiasko meshes “new vs. old” really setting the mood with that outdoor summer vibe. More to come soon and be on the look out for Fiasko as he plans on hitting the live scene late this fall.


DOWNLOAD: Fiasko - Green Feeling

Fiasko - For A Spent Star

It’s Friday Night and I know you’re trying to get your weekend going so I got something great to get everyone raging. A friend introduced me to Fiasko who is a New Jersey native and current student at VMI and is making some crazy party banger mashups.  How I’m just now hearing about this is just wrong.  You need to get familiar with Fiasko because he definitely has the potential to make big things happen with his mixes. Check out more from him here. Enjoy this and the rest of the music I gave you all for your weekend cuz I’m gone til Sunday, till then have fun and be ready for some new pics and music Sunday!

DOWNLOAD: Fiasko - For A Spent Star

Mr. Forbes - I’m So High

DMV native Mr. Forbes has got this sick new production by June G where he goes off on a very creative beat.  He spits with a smooth flow and a slightly different style than most DMV artists you may be familiar with but it is a very good change. You can check him out over at his Facebook and watch his music video for the song after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Mr. Forbes - I’m So High

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Jay Roosevelt - Playa Hata

Orlando Florida artist and C.E.O. of Hallucinogen Entertainment has brought us some new music that will definitely get things going and people chanting SWAG! It’s you southern style rap for sure but Jay Roosevelt knows what people like as he throws around some catchy verses and hooks that’ll keep the listeners entertained. you can check out more from him at his site or Mypace.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Roosevelt - Playa Hata

NOVA Bound (video)

It’s here! The very first video blog from The Transfer, following and recapping our (Me & JFri) day long snowboarding trip up the east coast.  We would love to hear what everyone has to say about it, good or bad. Sorry about the low quality, it just uploaded that way… we are HD, enjoy!