DCP Recut Christmas Special (video)

DCP takes some time out from his holidays to brighten ours (please ignore the fact the holidays were three weeks ago, and think of this more as a winter break farewell special) with this awesome cut of him traveling around the world skating, surfing, and riding some of the sickest mountains and most plentiful powder one could ever dream of, real nice piece here for you all to enjoy.

RIP Star you will be forever missed and loved

RIP Star you will be forever missed and loved

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5Oh! - Home Alone (Christmas Dubstep Remix)

I’ve been gone for a little, but things should get back to their steady pace now that I’m back in the world of the internet. I want to kick things off with a little Christmas Spirit, for those celebrating I have this banger to really get your night going. The stand out track from thissongissick.com A Christmas Remixtape that includes a total of 7 crazy banger christmas spirited songs. You can listen and download the rest of the songs here at their site.

DOWNLOAD: 5Oh! - Home Alone (Christmas Dubstep Remix)