Asher Roth - Dope Shit (music video)

Without further delay I continue to clear my computer of weeks old music for you all to lounge to, this piece off of Asher’s Pabst and Jazz project. Down below it Asher’s Final Four Tour for ya’ll to check out.

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Asher Roth - Common Knowledge (music video)

Off his Pabst & Jazz mixtape Asher Roth releases these visuals and may I add that this is a must download, get it here.

Asher Roth - Pabst & Jazz (mixtape)

After driving across the country to the Rockies, I entered medieval time with no internet, which in lies the reason why I haven’t been updating you.  About a week ago Asher Roth released his Pabst & Jazz project for free (previously anticipated it being an album for purchase).  With great production from the Blended Babies and features from the likes of Kids These Days, Action Bronson, Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper, Pac Div and many more this project turned out to be a very well done complete piece, definite download.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth - Pabst & Jazz

Asher Roth - Choices (Feat. Action Bronson)

Looking out for his fans, Asher Paul Roth releasing yet another song off his album just to familiarize those who are getting ready to check him out in concert as he begin his tour game.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth - Choices (Feat. Action Bronson)

Asher Roth - Pabst & Jazz (Feat. Hassani Kwess & Kenny Keys)

Asher Roth just let this go in honor of his upcoming Chicago show on the 19th. Produced by Blended Babies, this project sounds like it’ll be a big success. 

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth - Pabst & Jazz (Feat. Hassani Kwess & Kenny Keys)

Summer Recap Stage 1: Let The Party Begin

I know I promised this a long ways back but shit happens.  If you’ve been one of my few long time followers you’ve noticed me slacking very hard this summer, which is still an understatement.  After a couple staling mechanisms with my K.Dot and Hood music updates I’ve finally got my first of five (3 summer, 2 fall) Recap Mixtapes. Completely organized by when I got my hands on the music. I picked out all my favorites from the first part of the summer for this one, it definitely has that party starter feel going on along with some great variety and popular hits. 

The summer was kicked off by Kreayshawn who took over everything with her viral hit “Gucci Gucci”. Next we were given the creative beats and steady rhymes of Chiddy Bang with their mixtape, Peanut Butter and Swelly. And in between tons of great leaks and singles which included the emergence of A$AP Rocky and his hit “Purple Swag" and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire’s drinking anthem, "HuZzaH!" we were graced by Kendrick Lamar’s album Section.80 which in my opinion is one of the best albums of the year. After the jump you can check out the tracklist and download the mix, enjoy it and be ready for more to come!

DOWNLOAD: Summer Recap Stage 1: Let The Party BeginDirect Download

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Asher Roth - Last Man Standing (Feat. Akon)

We had a feeling this would surface sooner than later.  Due to popular demand after Nottz released a snippet of this track Asher with the help of DJ Omen decided to let go of the full version.  You can be sure to find this on Asher’s sophomore album that is no longer The Spaghetti Tree and will be renamed shortly.  

Download Asher Roth Last Man Standing f. Akon

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth - Last Man Standing (Feat. Akon)

Asher Roth & Nottz Raw - Enforce The Law (video)

Ash and Nottz Raw bring it back with a little “Training Day” esc  action for their new video off The Rawth EP.

Asher Roth - Kids These Daze

Asher hit up twitter to let out this test track that he and Wreckineyez recorded on their living room microphone over this throwback KRS-One instrumental

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth - Kids These Daze

Asher Roth - Gotta Get Up (Feat D.A.) (video)

I just have to laugh because this video is just too good and that funny. Awesome concept and effects, I have only good things to say, who else is digging this?

Asher Roth - Back Home (Feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Whatzisface)

It looks like Ash and Blended Babies are working on something, with two leaks in two days I’d say they got tracks on deck and a project in the works. Can’t Complain, keep it coming.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth - Back Home (Feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Whatzisface)